Posted by: thejamesanderson | October 26, 2009

Grave Breaker: Veks and Silence DLC

Our first DLC called Grave Breaker for Veks and Silence is complete and is going through the final stages of playtesting in the XNA Creators Club. This new stand alone DLC extends and refines the Survival Mode gameplay that is available in our game Veks and Silence.  The first major addition that we are happy to announce is that Grave Breaker is a two player game. Now you and a friend can work together to destroy the zombie hordes. Check out the new cinematic trailer for Grave Breaker here.

The game features 3 all new grave yard themed arenas


Cemetery is the first level in Grave Breaker and will be available in the game’s trial mode. In this mode you will face a variety of zombie types and giant maggots in an a Cemetary where giant pumpkins grow in the moon light.



Nightmare is the second level of Grave Breaker. It’s exact location remains a mystery. Explode the rotting bodies of the raging undead against the clean white surface of your conciousness. Reduce the flesh eating menace to wet blood stain. This is one bad dream that you will not awaken from.


Pretty Flowers

The final Grave Breaker level takes the fight to a secret garden tucked away somewhere in the back of the Graveyard. Here a beautiful collection of flowers, perfect for laying across a fresh grave grew undisturbed until now. Destroy the living dead as they claw their way up from beneath pink and blue petals, while giant maggots vomit the severed heads of their undead lunches in your direction, all while jumping over turret fire coming in from all sides. How romantic!


Special Bonus: The Silent Massage

When you are done busting open zombie heads you can unwind with the free bonus “Silent Massage” Let Silence help you unwind with this incredible soothing massage for your back. Comes complete with three different vibration settings and even a soothing image of Silence in his evening wear.



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