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Grave Breaker: Veks and Silence DLC

Our first DLC called Grave Breaker for Veks and Silence is complete and is going through the final stages of playtesting in the XNA Creators Club. This new stand alone DLC extends and refines the Survival Mode gameplay that is available in our game Veks and Silence.  The first major addition that we are happy to announce is that Grave Breaker is a two player game. Now you and a friend can work together to destroy the zombie hordes. Check out the new cinematic trailer for Grave Breaker here.

The game features 3 all new grave yard themed arenas


Cemetery is the first level in Grave Breaker and will be available in the game’s trial mode. In this mode you will face a variety of zombie types and giant maggots in an a Cemetary where giant pumpkins grow in the moon light.



Nightmare is the second level of Grave Breaker. It’s exact location remains a mystery. Explode the rotting bodies of the raging undead against the clean white surface of your conciousness. Reduce the flesh eating menace to wet blood stain. This is one bad dream that you will not awaken from.


Pretty Flowers

The final Grave Breaker level takes the fight to a secret garden tucked away somewhere in the back of the Graveyard. Here a beautiful collection of flowers, perfect for laying across a fresh grave grew undisturbed until now. Destroy the living dead as they claw their way up from beneath pink and blue petals, while giant maggots vomit the severed heads of their undead lunches in your direction, all while jumping over turret fire coming in from all sides. How romantic!


Special Bonus: The Silent Massage

When you are done busting open zombie heads you can unwind with the free bonus “Silent Massage” Let Silence help you unwind with this incredible soothing massage for your back. Comes complete with three different vibration settings and even a soothing image of Silence in his evening wear.


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Veks and Silence Now Available!


“Veks and Silence” Debuts on Xbox Live Indie Games in a Downpour of Zombie Blood and Guts!

Veks and Silence is now available for 400 points on the Xbox 360 Indie Games portal. Veks and Silence is a fun action packed, zombie infested, 2D side scrolling shooter made with Microsoft XNA Game Studio. Players will take control of the Silence, an overweight, gun crazy maniac as he blasts his way through countless undead monstrosities, mutants and robots in his quest to find his missing partner Veks. This independently developed shooter represents a new standard of quality in the XNA Indie Game Marketplace. It was developed by independent games company Edible Entertainment, based in Sydney Australia.

Game Features:

  • Hordes of zombies that explode in showers of blood when they are killed
  • 13 Levels featuring both Horizontal and Vertical game play
  • 11 Hard as nails Survival Mode levels
  • Beautiful hand drawn cut scenes done in a vibrant and colorful comic book style
  • An insane cast of enemies including Radioactive Flying Zombie Sharks, giant undead maggots, and a morbidly obese giant zombie
  • A variety a fun weapons for blasting monsters including bombs and chain guns
  • A giant robotic boss that shoots cars, zombies and school buses at the player

The official trailer can be found here:

Additional art assets can be found here:

For information about Veks and Silence please visit our official website at:


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Veks and Silence on Destructoid


Veks and Silence was recently featured on the awesome Hamza has said that “Veks and Silence looks insane in a good way” a statement that warms our hearts to the core. Thanks a bunch Hamza! You can read the whole story here:

We also have to give a shout out to Silent Tristero for mentioning the game to Hamza so that he could do a story about it. Great stuff and much appreciated.

Veks is still in the Peer Review process on the XNA Creators Club website, and will be released onto Xbox Live Indie Games shortly.

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Veks and Silence to be in Official Xbox Magazine

We recently were contacted by Official Xbox Magazine to do an interview about Veks and Silence. This was very exciting to us. It is our first appearance in a magazine so thats pretty awesome. The interview covers many of the aspects of what it took to complete Veks and Silence . The blood. The sweat. The tears. The beers. The article will be in the October issue of OXM so be sure to grab a copy.

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Veks and Silence: Survival Mode Preview

Survival Mode Preview

Veks and Silence: Survival Mode Preview

Veks and Silence is a 2D Side scrolling shooter for the Xbox 360. It was made using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio, and will be made available for purchase through the Xbox Live Indie Games Portal.
Veks and Silence, features a full adventure mode that spans 13 levels. You can see a trailer that shows some footage of the adventure mode here
In addition to the main Adventure Mode, Veks and Silence features 11 Hardcore Survival Levels, which I want to tell you a little bit about today. I describe it as “hardcore” because these levels are for people who
like to test the limits of their gaming skills. Survival Mode consist of small arena style levels that feature endless enemy, and turret spawns. The object of these levels is to get as many points as you can with a very
limited amount of power ups within a confined environment. The enemy spawns in this mode are endless and will continue to produce zombies, and various other monsters until you are finally killed. When you
start a game of survival you only have one life, but some levels feature One Ups that will re-spawn approximately every three minutes. You can also earn a shield power up, by destroying certain turrets in
the level. Destroying the turrets is vital to prolonging your life as it momentarily clears the air of dangerous projectiles, which allows you to more easily jump over zombies. Each of the survival mode stages a
re based off of a corresponding Adventure level, taking interesting parts of a level and turning it into a sort of small set piece…of death.
Heres a look at a few of the survival mode levels.
Graveyard: Hole Digger

Hole Digger is build from a section of the Graveyard level. The setting is the porch of the old house that you find at the end of that level. In this Survival Stage, you will face three turrets. One one either side
of the level as well as one that is perched atop the tin roof of the house. Zombies will endlessly rise from the grave in the center of the level and giant maggots will continuously spawn and try to kill you by s
pitting half digested zombie heads at you. One of the turrets will drop a Beer for you, when you destroy it. To see it in action check out this video of me trying not to get owned by my own creation.
In Cold Flood: Icebreaker

In Icebreaker you must face an endless flock of Radioactive Flying Zombie Sharks, continous waves of zombies and a lot turret fire. Exploding barrels have been placed on the top of the lamp posts.
If you shoot them when the sharks get near, they will explode, splattering them before they can get close enough to bite you. Moving back and forth between the broken sections of highway requires
you to jump over a gap that will kill you if you fall, so you have to use your double jump wisely. An unnecessary double jump might save you from falling into the freezing water below but it might also
earn you a bullet to the face.
Highway of Death: Roadrage

I probably should have called this level Couch Rage, instead of Road Rage. This level is one of the harder ones. It has FOUR turrets that begin targeting you immediately. They will FILL the air with shots, making
it a real struggle to stay alive for very long in this Survival Level. This is one of the harder survival levels so I’m looking forward to seeing people post videos, on YouTube of their high scores on this level.
In addition to the four turrets theres a zombie span on either side of the level. Theres just no time to do anything but blast away. Another thing that makes this level hard is that the turret fire will also kill
the zombies which actually provides you a tiny but of help but also takes away your chance at getting points, since you have to kill the zombies yourself if you want points for their deaths. Yes this level is cruel!
Well thats a quick look at the survival levels of the game. If you would like more information about Veks and Silence, or Edible Entertainment, Check us out at
We also have a Deviant art, profile where you can download wallpapers, and other art from the game.
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Playtesting Continues!!

Speechless Maggot
Speechless Maggot

  Play testing continues on Veks and Silence on the XNA creators Club website. ONLY six more days to go before we put the game back into final review. So we are very exited! Still getting great feedback on the game and its beautiful graphics. Even Maggie, The giant Maggot, is impressed.

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Veks and Silence in Playtesting

Veks and Silence is currently in Playtesting on the Xbox Live Creators club website. During this process other premium members of the XNA Creators club are able to play the game and provide feedback on the game.

So far the general feedback has been very positive. People are saying some great things about Veks and Silence and it has been very encouraging to us as new Developers.  This is to make sure that the game doesnt crash etc. It’s a cool process because it gives developers a chance to interact with one another and talk about each other projects.

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Veks and Silence Gameplay Trailer 1

Check out the new GAMEPLAY trailer for Veks and Silence, Comming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games!

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Veks and Silence “Teaser” released

We have just finished the first video trailer for Veks and Silence. Its just a Teaser to give you a sneek peak into the world of Veks and Silence! Enjoy!


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Welcome to the Veks and Silence Dev Blog


Welcome to the developer blog for the upcoming Veks and Silence video game for the xbox 360. Veks and Silence is a 2D sidle scrolling shooter. Please check here to get updates on the games progress, and learn more about the developers.

Be sure to check out the official Veks and Silence website at